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Love Thy Neighbor


You may have been told that traveling is dangerous. Staying home may seem like a good way to stay safe, it leaves us vulnerable to a different, more subtle danger: isolationism. Podcaster, blogger, and travel guru Chris Christensen makes his case for traveling often.

Impossible Debt


Our culture is bathed with deals designed to get people what they can’t afford. By the time it’s all said and done, the average college student pays nearly $9,000 in interest on top of debt itself. Blogger Justin Marr explores the history of debt in the Bible.

Review: Ghosts Upon the Earth


Grammy nominated, Denver-based Christian band Gungor made a name for themselves with their 2010 release, Beautiful Things. This year they’re back with a soaring, joyful romp through the Bible in their scripture-based album, Ghosts Upon The Earth.

4 Ways to Refresh Your Bible Study


Everyone has a hard time maintaining a consistent Bible study. If you’ve ever found reading Scripture frustrating, John D. Barry—the editor-in-chief of Bible Study Magazine—has four methods that will take the boring out of your Bible study.

Review: Surprised by Oxford

How does a well-educated skeptic become a Christian? That’s the thesis of Carolyn Weber’s new memoir, as she tells of her conversion from skeptic to believer during a year spent at Oxford University in the mid-‘90s. Our reviewer takes a closer look at Surprised by Oxford.

The Crime of Living Cautiously

All of life, in the entire world, no matter the era of history, is a risk. Simply to drive a car, let one’s weight down on the seat of a chair, enter an elevator or plane, or walk down a flight of steps invites possible injury. Writer and poet Luci Shaw looks examines the crime of living cautiously.

Editor’s Picks

Editor's Picks

The days are getting shorter, and colder. Fall is the perfect time to wind down with a cup of tea, a good book, and a snuggly blanket. Check out what our editors are recommending for your e-reader.

7 Quotes That Epitomize John Stott’s Legacy

John Stott passed away on July 27, 2011 at the age of 90, and the world lost a great man and leader. The magnitude of Stott’s death rippled beyond the boundaries of the Christian community. Writer Jamie Born highlights the writing that Stott leaves behind as his legacy.

If Faith Welcomes Art

Are artists destined for a life outside of church community? Writer Anneli Horner admits her need for encouragement and accountability, and explores how artists can aid the Church in fostering creativity and growth.

About Us

About Us

Raysd engages our global culture from a biblical perspective—encouraging us to live for Christ with hands, hearts, and eyes raised in service, in worship, and in joyful expectation. He was raised, and we, through faith, are raised with Him (Colossians 2:12).

Review: Neon Blue Bird

Ollabelle’s bread and butter is stealing old gospel, blues, and Americana songs and giving them a modern feel. Check out what our reviewer has to say about Neon Blue Bird–the newest offering from the New York-based folk group.

Review: Contagion

As a deadly virus claims lives, scientists in Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, work desperately to create a vaccination. The movie manages to balance the global affect with human element of death and grief. Our reviewer takes a look at human frailty in Contagion.

Review: 58: Fast Living

Extreme poverty often feels like an established rule in the universe: The earth revolves around the sun and thousands of children die every day of preventable diseases. Our review takes a look at Dr. Scott C. Todd’s assertion that poverty has an expiration date.

Writing the Story of Your Life

Is it really necessary to keep a prayer or Bible study journal? Pastors and Bible teachers often recommend journaling. Christy Tennant tells how journaling enhances her spiritual life, creating an autobiography of God’s work.

Destination: South America

South America offers cheaper living, the promise of adventure, the allure of challenge, and a sense of fulfillment often missing from life at home. The opportunities are endless, but there are some things you need to know before you deplane.

Review: The Help

Skeeter is an aspiring writer, working to tell the stories of black maids in white households during the civil rights era. Based on the popular book by the same name, The Help has garnered attention for its touching relationships. Our reviewer takes a closer look.