Review: Veneer

Tim Willard and Jason Locy’s Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society was written to help people discover who they are and how they are meant to live. The book is divided into two sections: the first discusses the language of culture—the world we live in; the second discusses the language of God—the world we should live in.

Veneer is the thin covering that hides imperfections and masks what’s below the surface: it’s easy to hide behind things that make us look better.

Willard and Locy say that stripping away veneer is an “inside-out” idea. It is one part renewal (inside) and one part exchange (outward). Renewal is about the “transformation that takes place at the deepest recesses of the human heart with the aid of the Holy Spirit.” Exchanges “allow our spirits to stretch” by replacing the language of culture with the language of God.

Tim and Jason suggest five renewals and five exchanges for removing the veneer in our lives:

Renewal: The inside work of the Holy Spirit

  1. Pursue renewal in your relationship with God and in your personal relationships
  2. Pursue renewal of your life purpose
  3. Pursue renewal in your reverence for God by countering idol worship
  4. Pursue renewal in what and in whom you find reliance
  5. Pursue renewal as a member of God’s family—the Church

Exchanges: Replace the language of culture with the language of God

  1. Exchange dissatisfaction for gratitude
  2. Exchange getting for giving
  3. Exchange hype for reality
  4. Exchange transaction for relation
  5. Exchange the common for the extraordinary

This book contains colorful and imaginary moments, but was lacking in personal stories and struggles.1

  1. Adapted from Copyright 2011. Used with permission. []